Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

During a self breast exam you found a lump of some kind...
Now what?... What do you do?... What will we do?... 

We understand this is a scary time for you, you have many questions and have little or no idea of what comes next. We are here for you and take a very effective structured approach in diagnosing and treating any issues found. 

The diagnosis and care process will start with an evaluation by a surgeon usually followed up with a mammogram and in some cases an ultrasound will be performed if warranted. Depending on the results of the mammogram and ultrasound a biopsy may be warranted. Many of which are completed at the same time as the mammogram. Please note up to 20% of all breast cancers are not seen on a mammogram so even if the mammogram and ultrasound do not indicate cancer your surgeon may still decide a biopsy is appropriate in your case. Once the results of the biopsy are received by our office our staff will contact you and schedule an appointment and discuss the findings. Oftentimes the results are normal indicating that the lump is non cancerous requiring only a followup mammogram in the future. 

Upon receiving an abnormal finding we develop a complete and comprehensive care plan with you. Our plan may include surgery, chemo therapy, and or radiation therapy. We know this is a scary time for you, be assured that our staff and surgeons are accomplished professionals and understand your fears. We are here for you and will walk through this process with you and your loved ones. Our staff is happy to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you for considering St. Anthony's Breast Surgery Specialists for your surgical needs. We pride ourselves on providing a true multidisciplinary approach to breast disease treatment. Through understanding, compassion, and expertise St. Anthony's Breast Surgery Specialists ensures superior care. Our staff believes that an essential component to quality care is the partnership between physician and patient. Our mission includes getting to know our patients and their families in an effort to understand family history, lifestyle, and other critical factors important to providing each patient with the quality health care they deserve.